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Q: Is it possible to combine courses according to our purpose of human resource development?

A: Yes it is. We can provide a curriculum which combines courses according to your learning purpose, such as upskilling training of the machine safety for employees, training to acquire basic knowledge and technical skills for new employees, etc.


Q: I would like to have employees receive the same training at multiple manufacturing sites. Is it possible?

A: Yes it is. As an example, we are providing technical knowledge and upskilling training at about 20 manufacturing sites to customers who expand business worldwide.


Q: Would you have a way to continue learning remotely even in a teleworking environment?

A: Yes. We provide online training courses. It is necessary to apply for and register a dedicated ID to access the OMRON learning system. 


Q: Is it possible to check the learning progress of remote students in a teleworking environment?

A: Yes it is. The online training service provides a function to monitor student learning progress to human resources persons or a person in charge of human resource development. You can check the learning status remotely, which helps you smoothly support students for learning.


Q: Is it possible for school students to utilize the OMRON training services?

A: Yes it is. We offer an example. Technical colleges and polytechnics utilize our online training courses as part of class. Teachers can take a trial lesson before students enroll.

You can choose a course from a lineup of training services.

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