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How to take the course

Training Plan

OMRON Industrial Automation Academy offers training plans appropriate for your situation.

Please select from “Step 1. Plan” and “Step 2. Style” in combination.

Step 1. Plan

There are five models available for those who are responsible for human resource development in the manufacturing industry, and for teachers who are responsible for student advising at educational institutions, such as technical universities and professional schools.
Please select a course appropriate for your learning plan from the Globe model that allows people working in multiple areas or countries to learn in a homogenized standard curriculum, the Student model based on the syllabus of school education, and so on.

For manufacturers

Production and Manufacturing Dept., Maintenance Dept., Human Resources Dept., Global Management Dept.



For those who want to select necessary knowledge when needed and take a course from one subject

One subject, spot use



For those who want to surely acquire knowledge by the utilization of preparation and review

Combination of
face-to-face + online



For those who want to upskill employees at multiple offices around the world           

Contract of attendance
in global multiple



For those who want to incorporate engineer knowledge and skills into career development for their staff

Yearly contract of career
development support

For educational institutions

Technical university, high professional school, polytechnic college



For those who want to acquire manufacturing knowledge in a practical curriculum within the school term

Class syllabus-based
contract type

Step 2. Style

There are a variety of styles from remote to face-to-face learning. The curriculum can be customized according to your request.
Please select a suitable customization level from Essential, Standard, and Premium.


Download a PDF file as needed.

> Training plan pdf

Flow from application to training attendance

After selecting your desired course on this website, please apply for it or make an inquiry on the training service website of each area.

Select a training course you want to take on this website.

Click on an area where you want to attend the selected training course to move to a local website.

Enter and send the inquiry and application form available on the local website.

Receive a contact from the local person in charge of training service. Make a payment of a training course fee by following his/her guidance.

Face-to-face training: The brochure on course attendance and attendance slip will be sent to you.
Online training: An ID and password for your use only will be sent to you.

Attend the training course at the designated site or online.