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    Industrial Automation Academy
    Welcome to the OMRON official Web site of the training services,
    we support human resource development for manufacturing.

OMRON Industrial Automation Academy offers information about OMRON training services to all those who need human resource development, knowledge and upskilling in the field of manufacturing.

Training Course Structure

Training Course Structure

We have a wide range of courses from basic to advanced ones for engineers to acquire technical knowledge and skills and to realize applications.

Knowledge For anybody that deals with manufacturing, general to enhance the knowledge about productivity improvement, quality improvement and creation of safe sites.

Programming For workers that do the real programming and application creation.

Operation and settings For everybody, basic, general introduction to the product and a simplification of its operation and commissioning.

Maintenance For workers that do the maintenance and troubleshooting the equipment and application.

Start with a Specific Category

Robotics Courses

As of October 2021

Safety Courses

As of October 2021

Vision Sensors Courses

As of October 2021

Controllers Courses

As of October 2021

Code Readers/OCR Courses

As of October 2021

Motion/Drives Courses

As of October 2021