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We support the development of technical personnel and careers
in manufacturing to empower each individual.

Our vision

OMRON Always Believes in
Your Potential First and Foremost

We will introduce the background of the IA Academy and the future we hope to realize together with our clients.

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A One-Stop Solution to Support Development of Technical Personnel and Careers in Manufacturing

The IA Academy transforms OMRON's technical, local, and training capabilities into value, offering comprehensive support from the planning and design of the optimal IA training system to practical training.


Focused Engineer Programs for Individuals and Career Stages in the Manufacturing Field

The IA Academy offers a comprehensive suite of engineer programs aimed at everyone involved in manufacturing, for the acquisition from knowledge of introduction to automation, to specialized technical skills. These programs support continuous learning and growth.

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Details about engineer programs

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Learning forms

Providing diverse learning environments to maximize effectiveness

The IA Academy supports continuous learning through a variety of learning forms, including face-to-face seminars and workshops, hands-on training with equipment for practice, and online learning.


Learning through lectures


Learning within teams


Learning actual equipment

On demand

Online learning

Learning Experience Platform IA Avenue

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Want to hear about the latest cases of human resource development? The Coordinator will introduce them to you.




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